Monday, April 25, 2011

Present and beyond. MC 2 day 1

Before I muster up thoughts on present matters, I'd like to set on the record that i successfully finished my 8 day MC, which was celebrated w a 5 day whale watching treatin southern baja, which was immediately followed by a 10 day bootcamp, consequently leading to my falling on my face,injuring my knee and laying low on the physical arena for 3 weeks after.

While my knee took sick days, the rest of me was graciously blessed with 60hrwork days, finalizing film fest preparations. If u don't know this about me, the wild & scenic film fest is kind of my thing... Thankful to have had the support from my friends and committee, inw the end was an insanely juggled success w over 750 people

So, learning and not fretting.... Balance. And now, like clockwork, mind less cluttered, and knee is I think , back. Currently fully immersed in - conservation science symposium, loreto may 24-27... Soseemed like the perfect moment to master cleanse myself again. As I also learned the first time around, I will work on keeping my cool over the unexpected falls onmeh face and surprises.

Change seems to be the theme of the century, am I'm definitely feeling the tsunami of all changes coming up... As I reach my two month countdown to unemployment town. Unemployment in this recount takes a positive spin, for at least the first 4 months... As I am salivating over all the "someday I'll get to" project and travel opportunities. The trick will b keeping active doing the things I love. Having a financial cushion helps too.

So, Adventure and overwhelming experiences are upon well as a search for a partner in crime. ... I suspect I will blog on this more to come.

Sooo, master cleanse day 1 today. Have a couple friends turnes fans and possible MCers themselves, so should be interesting this time around.

One day down, nine more to go. Celebrating this time with cinch de mayo game night a casa Mia. And then a trip to Leon, for a family mothers day escape.