Friday, November 26, 2010

vacations keep a comin

so there was san fran, then there was 8 days in mexico for my sister's wedding, then there was vegas w 12 other hotties.... and now thanksgiving break.
lots of feasting to partake in, and lots of meaningful moderation to consider.
overall done ok, considering my capability of diving into vaca indulgence mode...

i've maintained workouts to about 5-9 per week, increased running stamina (3-6 mi/run). go to barry's bootcamp pretty regularily. and started practicing yoga outdoors bymyself a couple times now (major improvement on stands: side crow, tripod head, toe).

life is good these days. many things, beings, feelings to be thankful for.

i can think of 3 more trips in the next 2 months... but we'll see.
may join the next live lean or bootcamp... once travels simmer down.

aaand still interested in buddy'ing it up w workout crew... lemme know.