Sunday, November 6, 2011

Updated list of seafood to avoid

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tikan experience

Many of my interests conveniently overlap- and as this blog is supposed to function as my commitment to stay And further explore being heathy, part of this goal will also be nos expressed in my costa rican blog.... Purpose being documenting my tortuguera experience as sea turtke research assistance.... As well as a general tiko thru e eyes of this particular forgeigner.

Been in this tropical abyss for one day.... Follow if it you fancy a bit of sillyness and even more adventure.

Pura vida tikos!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

opening a window

the focus this month has been adjusting to unemployment.  accustomed to working, excersizing, and socializing overlappingly the same amounts, now just focusing on the last two hasn't been too much torture ;)

jokes aside, this transition had the potential to be a huge existential downer, but i think i strategically maneuvered my way out of that one by placing an endorphin high angle, good company + social planning, food, and travel = feeling fortunate.

- fitness: bootcamp, a 15k modified last minute into a 7k (chuckle chuckle), beach yoga and +.
- good company: surrounded by exceptional people seems to add that extra umph / joie de vivre. 
- trips and food: the highlight of the month was my trip to the Northwest visiting my bests. playing aunty to my college best baby in Seattle, and roadtrip with my oldest (duration not age) and greatest friends to Portland.  we wined and 5star + food truck dined, jogged + yogaed on the side (pat pat pat); mostly enjoying our ever standing (15+yrs), nicely fit, and motivating friendships.  this is what life is all about. 

the cherry on top: beautiful san diego weather forcing me to wake up in a good mood e day.
and well, the next chapter in coping with unemployment will be heading tot he jungle for 6-7 weeks.  As i've been on the pen and paper side of conservation for 5+ years, now i'll be on the get down and dirty side.  stoke and pre-nostalgicly nervous... ready or not, in exactly 2 weeks i will be deboating on the remote sandy top sea turtle arrivada destinations ever, working as communication and research assistant for Sea Turtle Conservancy. 

stay tuned ;).

info online about the gig:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Soreness is the new black

Enrolled in my 4th Corepower Bootcamp this month, a n d   i m   l o v i n g   i t.  on day 5 and workout 10. bu yeah! Soreness is the new black haha.

you say: why bootcamp? whats my goal?  i think everyone who's taken these bootcamps will agree that you become addicted to the burn, the energy, the push & the triumphant feeling, and of course--> the results = getting leaner.

its a self challenge and a readjustment. its sets, and re-sets you on the right path. 

the cherry on top: when things are fuzzy in my life... it serves as a productive distraction...Sort of like: when all else is uncertain and gray - bootcamp is there to pick me up keep me pumpin'. :)

Now the master cleanses (which i agree i've been fiddling with a bit too much)... are another type of self-discipline challenge, that has had unreal and fabulous results.

So next week, for the first time - i will try and mix the two.  what you say?  mix bootcamp AND master cleanse?! yes, however only overlapping for 4-5 days, with careful monitoring... and much support from my friends.

i invite YOU, anonymous friend, to join me for my supplemental workouts this second week.  Salsa, kayaking, running, biking, yoga, swimming, tennis... you name it... call the time and ill be there.

- Sat. 6/11 circa 10AM - 5.25 mile walk on PB boardwalk.  dancing @ el Dorado 10pm-12am
- Sun. 6/11circa 1-3pm Tennis.
- Mon.: Mission Valley 10:15-11:15 Hot Power Fusion by Sommer.
- Tues: TBD
- Wed. 6/15 Rancho Sta Fe Bike Ride?, Tennis and at 8:30PM at La Jolla Marriott Salsa dancing.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Present and beyond. MC 2 day 1

Before I muster up thoughts on present matters, I'd like to set on the record that i successfully finished my 8 day MC, which was celebrated w a 5 day whale watching treatin southern baja, which was immediately followed by a 10 day bootcamp, consequently leading to my falling on my face,injuring my knee and laying low on the physical arena for 3 weeks after.

While my knee took sick days, the rest of me was graciously blessed with 60hrwork days, finalizing film fest preparations. If u don't know this about me, the wild & scenic film fest is kind of my thing... Thankful to have had the support from my friends and committee, inw the end was an insanely juggled success w over 750 people

So, learning and not fretting.... Balance. And now, like clockwork, mind less cluttered, and knee is I think , back. Currently fully immersed in - conservation science symposium, loreto may 24-27... Soseemed like the perfect moment to master cleanse myself again. As I also learned the first time around, I will work on keeping my cool over the unexpected falls onmeh face and surprises.

Change seems to be the theme of the century, am I'm definitely feeling the tsunami of all changes coming up... As I reach my two month countdown to unemployment town. Unemployment in this recount takes a positive spin, for at least the first 4 months... As I am salivating over all the "someday I'll get to" project and travel opportunities. The trick will b keeping active doing the things I love. Having a financial cushion helps too.

So, Adventure and overwhelming experiences are upon well as a search for a partner in crime. ... I suspect I will blog on this more to come.

Sooo, master cleanse day 1 today. Have a couple friends turnes fans and possible MCers themselves, so should be interesting this time around.

One day down, nine more to go. Celebrating this time with cinch de mayo game night a casa Mia. And then a trip to Leon, for a family mothers day escape.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I think the key for selecting the days for the Master Cleanse is to be inspired and strategic.

Inspired - going thru some rough times? this is a good motivator.  For me, inspiration came after some tough times with a boy... and i was looking for something to test my endurance at a me-to-me level (aka distraction + feeling of accomplishment).  And here I am about 40-50 glasses of spicy lemonade later, not to mention about 9 pounds lighter, feeling super! 

Strategic - choose a period of time when you will be BUSY.  my strategy = working like a madwoman, meaning im too busy to eat anyways or cross temptations path. 

So, Day 5 complete and feeling like a champ!

And a sidenote on busy lives and challenges in general - I like to quote one of my yoga instructors, Steve Hubbard, with this one, "there hasn't been a time i've grown, that i haven't struggled"...  I think thats true.  but you don't always grow when you struggle... its rising up to the challenge that redefines you. 

I think the universe definitely throws us curve balls unexpectedly every once in a while, sometimes a multitude all at once, just to see how we handle it.  TO PERSEVERE. The test of prioritizing, staying focused, calm/cool, and facing your at times overly active, emotional, inconvenient/troublesome LIFE with a smile.  Why would you choose a life that is not maximized anyways?  Every bruise has a story... and its usually a good one.

Today was one of those days   :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

when life gives you lemons...

Can't believe its March already.... year is just skipping by!

Latest news: in search of a pick-me-up and "positivifying" distraction once again, and thru a quick coversation w a friend today I was reminded of a nutrition undertaking (gracias San!): The Master Cleanse for the next ten days, which if you don't know of this detox - it primarily involves a spicy lemonade (ingredients: lemon, cayenne pepper, syrup, and water), 6-12 cups of this delicious concoction each day, and an unfriendly 20 oz. of sea salt water to get the party started. 

The lemonade it quite yummy, especially for us spicy latino types; the salt water however... is what makes me shiver.  i've been reading up on ways to make it go down smoother -like brushing ur teeth and having mint flavor distract you from reality; or warming water making it more syruplike tasting, or adding a squeeze of lemon- i see myself trying all of the above.

I plan on maintaining a 6 wkouts/week schedule during detox... as much as i can take.

i'm actually excited to take this on... unlike last time (i only lasted 3 days... stars just weren't aligned).  Today, our lemon tree seems is plentifully fruitful, and my life in need of a quick turnaround... :)

And besides, with my busy schedule these days, coordinating a 1000+ film fest and a baja science symposium all at once... who has time to eat! 

I already have a final day 10 treat lined up: Laguna San Ignacio whale watching trip! So, WISH ME LUCK or join me in the challenge... i  know it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 - a good year

2011 - a good year

as Steve from yoga class would say, "there isn't a time where i've grown, that I haven't been challenged"... and thankfully so, 2010 was a year of major growth. emotionally, physically, professionally, and "soulfully." ... and most likely '11 will toughen me up some more (altho its feeling quite velvetty at the moment)...

but anyhow, I look back and see that my lessons on mindfulness and nonreactivity have been key to facilitating a smoother resolve in any given situation. and being a planner.... learning to let go of plans not gone as planned, has been one of the big ones.

Anyways, i'm feeling stronger, more focused, and motivated... much due to my close favorites, and much because of what excersizing has provided for me - outlet, focus, goals, challenge, results... and an "accomplishing" high.

so, I joined another bootcamp this january. 14 days. 12 workout a week. of which i was able to keep 10/week. not bad ey? i've taken on running (3 miles aprox) 2/week. namasteves yoga (10am on Law St of PB every Sat and Sunday) has become my favorite most energizing and refreshing workout of the week, corepower of course, barrys bootcamp weekly, salsa 1-2 a month (to be increased!), and am to resume biking and swimming at some point as well.

good start, good momentum, and plan to keep it that way.... i mean, its alread been 5 months, so i think i'm hooked ... hope so.
hmmm- a ver q' mas:
- Went on a Family Vacation to Ski Paradise- VAIL.... and skied 7/8 days! luuuuuuuvd it, wish i could go back!
- Moved it to my parents place a few months back and its working out quite magnificently!
- Have made some excecutive decisions on friendships and work related patterns... only know this means there are big changes ahead
- Tried online dating for a tad bit (yes, its true). i found that it requires loose expectactions, and for that lesson alone it served well. for entertainment purposes too. as it was sometimes amusing, other times awkward, and finally a delightful experience.
- And well currently i'm on an eco conscious high, as i'm cooped up in a woodsy motel in nevada city, as Wild & Scenic Tour Host guest, absorbing over 20 hrs of film in 3 days... getting so pumped i'm trying to figure out how to become a non consuming being, or simply evaporate like the Incas!

so, probably because of my Hemingwayish setting, i felt inspired to blog once more...

closing with some healthy gigi favorites:
- - beachfront yoga sat/sun 10am
- happy feet massage - $20 1 hr massages (clothed, but they do the trick)
- Salad Style Cous cous salad.... (seven seven!)
- my CPrime Bracelet. honestly don't know if it works, but its cool looking and has magic placebo powers at least.
- Nati Cherubini and her health tips via USANA (ask me...)
- check it out, they have locations everywhere... and u get 1 week GRATIS
- Ranchos mexican - just tried it, pretty good mexican coming from a mexican, and healthy vegan choices aussi.
- Brussel Sprouts - haha i dunno, just couldn't get them out of my mind right now...
-and sure why not: SAVE THE DATE : Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Fest in SD April 13th... hosted by yours truly... more info to come...
buenas noches chicos! sheesh this was a long one... just pretend i split it up into 5 blogs in the last 3 months and we are good :)