Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 - a good year

2011 - a good year

as Steve from yoga class would say, "there isn't a time where i've grown, that I haven't been challenged"... and thankfully so, 2010 was a year of major growth. emotionally, physically, professionally, and "soulfully." ... and most likely '11 will toughen me up some more (altho its feeling quite velvetty at the moment)...

but anyhow, I look back and see that my lessons on mindfulness and nonreactivity have been key to facilitating a smoother resolve in any given situation. and being a planner.... learning to let go of plans not gone as planned, has been one of the big ones.

Anyways, i'm feeling stronger, more focused, and motivated... much due to my close favorites, and much because of what excersizing has provided for me - outlet, focus, goals, challenge, results... and an "accomplishing" high.

so, I joined another bootcamp this january. 14 days. 12 workout a week. of which i was able to keep 10/week. not bad ey? i've taken on running (3 miles aprox) 2/week. namasteves yoga (10am on Law St of PB every Sat and Sunday) has become my favorite most energizing and refreshing workout of the week, corepower of course, barrys bootcamp weekly, salsa 1-2 a month (to be increased!), and am to resume biking and swimming at some point as well.

good start, good momentum, and plan to keep it that way.... i mean, its alread been 5 months, so i think i'm hooked ... hope so.
hmmm- a ver q' mas:
- Went on a Family Vacation to Ski Paradise- VAIL.... and skied 7/8 days! luuuuuuuvd it, wish i could go back!
- Moved it to my parents place a few months back and its working out quite magnificently!
- Have made some excecutive decisions on friendships and work related patterns... only know this means there are big changes ahead
- Tried online dating for a tad bit (yes, its true). i found that it requires loose expectactions, and for that lesson alone it served well. for entertainment purposes too. as it was sometimes amusing, other times awkward, and finally a delightful experience.
- And well currently i'm on an eco conscious high, as i'm cooped up in a woodsy motel in nevada city, as Wild & Scenic Tour Host guest, absorbing over 20 hrs of film in 3 days... getting so pumped i'm trying to figure out how to become a non consuming being, or simply evaporate like the Incas!

so, probably because of my Hemingwayish setting, i felt inspired to blog once more...

closing with some healthy gigi favorites:
- - beachfront yoga sat/sun 10am
- happy feet massage - $20 1 hr massages (clothed, but they do the trick)
- Salad Style Cous cous salad.... (seven seven!)
- my CPrime Bracelet. honestly don't know if it works, but its cool looking and has magic placebo powers at least.
- Nati Cherubini and her health tips via USANA (ask me...)
- check it out, they have locations everywhere... and u get 1 week GRATIS
- Ranchos mexican - just tried it, pretty good mexican coming from a mexican, and healthy vegan choices aussi.
- Brussel Sprouts - haha i dunno, just couldn't get them out of my mind right now...
-and sure why not: SAVE THE DATE : Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Fest in SD April 13th... hosted by yours truly... more info to come...
buenas noches chicos! sheesh this was a long one... just pretend i split it up into 5 blogs in the last 3 months and we are good :)