Saturday, July 30, 2011

opening a window

the focus this month has been adjusting to unemployment.  accustomed to working, excersizing, and socializing overlappingly the same amounts, now just focusing on the last two hasn't been too much torture ;)

jokes aside, this transition had the potential to be a huge existential downer, but i think i strategically maneuvered my way out of that one by placing an endorphin high angle, good company + social planning, food, and travel = feeling fortunate.

- fitness: bootcamp, a 15k modified last minute into a 7k (chuckle chuckle), beach yoga and +.
- good company: surrounded by exceptional people seems to add that extra umph / joie de vivre. 
- trips and food: the highlight of the month was my trip to the Northwest visiting my bests. playing aunty to my college best baby in Seattle, and roadtrip with my oldest (duration not age) and greatest friends to Portland.  we wined and 5star + food truck dined, jogged + yogaed on the side (pat pat pat); mostly enjoying our ever standing (15+yrs), nicely fit, and motivating friendships.  this is what life is all about. 

the cherry on top: beautiful san diego weather forcing me to wake up in a good mood e day.
and well, the next chapter in coping with unemployment will be heading tot he jungle for 6-7 weeks.  As i've been on the pen and paper side of conservation for 5+ years, now i'll be on the get down and dirty side.  stoke and pre-nostalgicly nervous... ready or not, in exactly 2 weeks i will be deboating on the remote sandy top sea turtle arrivada destinations ever, working as communication and research assistant for Sea Turtle Conservancy. 

stay tuned ;).

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