Friday, November 26, 2010

vacations keep a comin

so there was san fran, then there was 8 days in mexico for my sister's wedding, then there was vegas w 12 other hotties.... and now thanksgiving break.
lots of feasting to partake in, and lots of meaningful moderation to consider.
overall done ok, considering my capability of diving into vaca indulgence mode...

i've maintained workouts to about 5-9 per week, increased running stamina (3-6 mi/run). go to barry's bootcamp pretty regularily. and started practicing yoga outdoors bymyself a couple times now (major improvement on stands: side crow, tripod head, toe).

life is good these days. many things, beings, feelings to be thankful for.

i can think of 3 more trips in the next 2 months... but we'll see.
may join the next live lean or bootcamp... once travels simmer down.

aaand still interested in buddy'ing it up w workout crew... lemme know.

Friday, October 15, 2010

keeping up w workouts

Love my new live lean friends, and the positive and energetic attitude they bring!

Just as a quick: last 2 weeks' report:

Mon-Sun last week:
maintained workouts to 6/week. 1 swim, 1 run (broke record 4.3mi run), 1 hpf, cp2, and joined BARRYS BOOTCAMP.

this week 11-17: upping workouts to 9~
M: Sculpt
W: Barrys w/ Chad (loved it!) and CP2 at Mission
Th: Namasteve (i had been hiding from his class for a year! so good!)
F: Circuit 1 Mission & Circuit 2 PB
Sat: early AM biking in Solana Beach + In cahoots
Sun: 9am Steve's yoga class oceanfront (law st. park in pb) puede ser.

next week 18-24:
M: double up Barry's and CPY hopefully
T: morning yoga before my flight.
W: SAN FRANCISCO... eating and walking :) VACATION CHALLENGE # 2!!

Thank you everyone (Boni, Brooke, Christina, Amy, Carlos, Genenvieve, Frances, Seth, Mario, Kasey) for inviting me on workouts and keeping this fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Looks like I'm still hooked

Just rolled back from a 5 day vaca in Mexico City.
Reason: my sister's bridal shower.

I am ecstatic i was able to reconnect with a lot of my old friends and family...
one of the other things i'm pretty stoked about is that i really felt like the Live Lean conscience was sitting on my sholder during the entire time.

Mexico can get pretty heavy and hard to keep up when it comes to going out... and i noticed it didn't quite feel right anymore.... and that a more chill / less excessive outing was a better fit. not only that, but i maintained my workouts 3 days at the building's gym... running about 3-4.5 km every day.

of course i reintroduced a bit of sweets, chilaquiles, pasta, tacos at least once during the trip.... but not fully treating it as my usual vacation mode (aka: once in a lifetime mentality when you know it ain't). feels good having passed the vacation challenge. next stop: san francisco for a foody and music extravaganza (treasure island and shakira)... and then 8 days in mexico for my sisters wedding. all bets on me? yes!

it was also cool to receive like 20 emails from lve leaners coordinating future workouts and seeing that we all got the health bug! thanks guys for keeping the momentum going. i'm back so here i come!

going to 6am bootcamp tomorrow (plus Jen Pennick's intuitive therapy sesh), 6am scultp wednesday (yeah BROOKE), Barry's bootcamp thursday (first time!), passing out friday (or swim), and hopefully saturday doing something outdoorsy.

My awesome boss gave me like 4 passes for Vertical Hold rockclimbing. anyone wanna come int he next week or so?

looks like im still hooked.

oh, and salsa probably next monday at La Jolla's Prospect Bar. vieni!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


day 32 and feeling so sore (luv it!) and a bit pre-nostalgic already. but most of all: SO PROUD OF ALL OF US LIVE LEANERS! WE ROCKED!

and here are some of the few things im taking with me:

New Discoveries
- I CAN do it! The nutrition challenge (maybe next time 100%) the TWO - 1/hr wkouts X6/week, I did it…. Not impossible. plus, it feels gooooood.
- Happy me: exercise keeps my happy and peaceful.
- Future Happy Wallet: I foresee big changes in outing expenses and activity.
- Results: lost about 6-7 pounds.
- But more than the scale (which we hate anyways) I lost 3.25 inches around my waist! And a few other inches distributed throughout! Im happy with those results.

New Applications:
- Moderation: I thought I was already practicing this… however I learned that just a taste is usually enough. &when its not, I will still enjoy it.
- Upgrade: changing cravings and routines for healthier choices. Don’t have to switch cold turkey into being a health nut bootcamper, but slowly yet surely point myself in that direction.
Examples: Coffee, Drinks, Sweets, Bread/carbs, dairy, flaming hots, salt—all a significant reduction, or none at all by day 30.
- Mindful behavior: need I say more… that’s been this entire blog!
- Social Workouts: bringing in my closests to partake in this life-changing experience!

New Resources:
- Road Bike: Alas, after buying my bike summer 2009, Live Lean motivated me to actually use it… and I love it.
- Paddle Boarding: tried it last weekend, great fun, great workout.
- Quinoa: incredible source of protein, can be treated as anything… (although i probably will take a few weeks off from it, no offence Quinoa!)
- Naked CafĂ©: good healthy choice to turn to. Even if the waiters aren’t nice.
- Live Lean Dessert: ½ date w/ almond butter and almond bits on top
- Live Leaners and Trainers. and Jen Penick intuitive therapist: they're there, either going through a similar transition or to provide mental and physical support!.
- Colonics @ Radiance Day Spa: did it twice... not sure its for me.

Future Live Lean Maintenance:
- Start going to Jen Penick next week, excited about that. …
- Social Workouts will be Key!
- Going to Live Lean calendered workouts 1-2 a week at 6 am.
- Pairing two yoga workouts
- Swim, bike, salsa, rock climbing, kayaking, spinning…
- Barry’s bootcamp, signing up next week.
- Corepower bootcamp: October 1 week. Or November 2 weeks
- Continue planning meals for work. I see that it keeps me from wandering into junkfoodville and boredom snacks.
- Moms cooking, and me: Cook more (or rather learn to cook), go out less (this one still stings a little, but honestly, after my pay cut… I can’t really afford it)
- Over the next 5 weeks I will be travelling so much… key to still maintain workouts even when in a vacation mindset…. As well as food consideration.

now off to mexico city. yey! (well, first off to extraordinary desserts w/ my two favorite coworkers to celebrate my accomplishment! haha, well share tho!:))
Thank you everyone for your support! I will be posting updates sporadically from now on...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LAST WEEK @ LiVE LEAN program *sniff sniff (day 26/33)

I've been back to the early bird trainings since monday, and since then I'm back to feeling mightily challenged. feels good to compete with mind over matter, feels good to have my body ache at its entirety, and three days after the tic-toc ab workouts (killlllller)... have my stomach still be sore. good because of the long term results.

today's circuit was particularily tough, but i guess, after each one i feel as tho that was the case... haha. the trainers and their setup are pretty spectacular!

i'm also arriving to that familiar uneasy"summer camp, only a few days left, and now i feel like this is my home and i dont want to go back" feeling.... realizing that i only have 6 days more to go. The people are so great, and the results and the push in general have been very motivating, that i want to stay here forever. (considering joining the next bootcamp, anyone interested?)

...not on all accounts however; couldn't be happier to be freee to go to Chloes for lunch and Searsucker for dinner in a couple weeks, and not feel guilty after a glass of wine!!... Gourmet Food, massages and a good Pinot (La Crema here i come!) are my second Manolos(my dog)/comfort, and thankfully the live lean lesson of moderation seems to be sticking strong so the consequences wont be as bad. and the social workouts if maintained as well will contribute to a healthier me and an ample wallet. (hint hint, social workouts means you!)

i need to reemphasize how happy working out has made me. exhausted, unable to concentrate, tense in the sholders and sore... well yeah that too sometimes, buttt.... happy go lucky most of all and peaceful too (which i didn't expect). feeling like my day was taken advantage of, like I conquered and achieved something, and along the ride i shared it with some great people. i can now understand how this lifestyle could be addicting, and why there are 6 pack people & wheat grass shotters roaming on this earth.

...not necesarilly where im headed, but the glimpse is electrifying and i am STOKED to realize this joy to keep it up... itll just take a while adjusting to my BLL (Before live lean) lifestyle and routine.

Again, thank you all for your support. this last week will be needed, since i really want to push it. I even cancelled my trip to my sister's bridal shower to finish with a bang on wednesday.... so please reduce the tempting offers.... even tho you think you may mean well. I promise, when i'm done and back from my trips, i will be back and funner than ever :) maybe even throw a party to celebrate.

lastly, check out my post before this one (whose in?) and see if you can join me on any of the workouts.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

whose with me?

HI all, so I am back to hardcore workouts after DETOX week and i am planning the following supplemental workouts... i hope you guys will want to join a couple:

- Wednesday 22: Corepower Bootcamp C2 6-7:15pm w/ live leaners (private unforetunately)
- Thursday 23: Convention Center STAIR workout at 6pm with Brooke
- Friday 24: Tennis @ 6:30pm @ PLTennis Club & unsure: Swim at YMCA or bike ride around Mission Bay area.
- Saturday 25: paddleboarding 10:30 AM Aquatic Adventures Mission Beach/OB area, OR ROCKCLIMBING
- Sunday 26 (even though its technically rest day): 8am DRAGON Boating location stil TBD, followed by potentially a massage afternoon.
- Monday 27: SALSA at Prospect Bar in La Jolla at 9:30pm-12
- Tuesday 28: Hot power Fusion @ 7:15am at Point loma Corepower plus $25 @ happy foot massage that afternoon around 5:30pm?

....SO WHOSE WITH ME? call me 619 787 9616

Monday, September 20, 2010


about life and relationships.
priority: liking who i see in the mirror -thru self-improvement/self reflection- and being actively involved w/ the handful of lives that make my life more dear.

actively involved is a task when things arent going peachy. im guilty of not responding well... either as support or as instigator...

mindful was one of the key words that got me to sign on to Live Lean.... its a new concept for me, not just about reacting impulsively (which i have to admit, feels sooo good sometimes). i think it has to do for me with maturing and recognizing the consequences BEFORE they happen. ... i had gone through a period where my rooted frustrations took form in hurtful (and what i thought "masterful") impulsive agressions... in turn frightened me and hurt people i cared for.

So now its not just about the nutritional and physical upkeep, but mental and emotional upkeep too. and i think its also important to try and surround myself w mindful instigators, and not energy suckers. I've also learned that Respect isn't to be taken as a light formality, that it is needed to maintain a balanced tie w another. unfortunately respect can be easily lost and very difficult to regain.

-- on this note i think of the latest heartaches of witnessing exteme pain in others i care for... sometimes as an active participant of that pain, other times just an innocent bystander. im observing that how we handle hurt and forgiveness' doesn't pan out the same for everyone and that grudges can be more damaging than the act that got it started in the first place.

i tend to forgive... i believe in the power of being imperfectively human and that fucking up is part of our nature (not as rutinal excuse... im nobodays floor mat, but more as a "what was i thinking: moment)and siempre y cuando the other person is accepting of the damage caused and changes needed. sometimes its just necessary to do away w the permanent pinch in your heart for having been harshly let down.

achem... back to live lean, i have been cheating myself from performing 100% in the cleanse (more like 70-85%) and tryyyyying to forgive myself for it (hahaha segway). i believe not a single day has gone by where i didn't consume something on the cross-out list : coffee once, sugar once, beer/drink thrice, chips, kudos, manchego, onion dip, burrata on a mouth watering salad at BH....(makes sense why i havent felt anything extreme hehe) its interesting though, i think sometimes I've done it as an impulsive response to feeling restricted (red flag guys! haha)

silly auto-battles here, but these 24 days have been about self study... so thaz what i do now. as a redeeming measure, i am going into colonics today for the second session, (hopefully they can extract all the bad stuff).

And the pictures, although not much to do with this blog, to do with my last week. enjoy! i sure did!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Cleanse- getting lost in translation

The week of the cleanse hasn't been as bad or extreme as i thought. am i missing something? maybe more of a hardcore attitude. but not waking up at 5am is "easssing" and the powder drink is growing on me. at the regroup i felt as if im not doing something right because so many of the live leaners are having big reactions to this week.

feelings: a bit of nauseus and empty/awkward stomach twiches/ not as active / uninspired w/ food for the first time in my life. i think i react more to the intense workouts (which i miss).

I know i can eat boring food for 33 days.... quinoa on salad, in soup, as oatmeal.... veggies with no condiments and by bye salt and cheese. but its not serving as a lesson to keep it up after. foods unhealthy compliments are too good to pass on: chlowes french bistro bread and butter, weekly very dirty martini, papitas con limon, the yearly guilty pleasure of foie gras, or just being able to add more flavor to food with a simple shake of the salt shaker.... so i know im missing the point somewhere...

getting lost in translation. healthy and all its worth not seeeming like the 100% me of the future. I have learned to "upgrade," and moderate. my body doesn't need more than 1-2 drinks when i go out, and some more than others... no drinks at all (uuu new gigi!). i don't need to eat more when unnecesary.

I went back to salsa last night after like 10 months of talking about returning. loved it. don't know why i stopped... but im back. considering late night classes as wkouts again :) (post live lean and 5am wake up calls).

Just scheduled colonics sesh #2 for this week. not so happy about that. but maybe my colon will be grateful this time. thanks everyone for pushing me to reconsider. will keep you FULLY informed.

this weeks team goals were:

- maintain 2X workouts (of the 19 days, i've only missed 2, not so bad)
- no more scales for the remainder of the program (hmmm... starting... NOW haha)
- pamper day : maybe massage? yes! happy feet here i come. and catamaran trip seems pretty pampering too.
- plan meals 2 days ahead of time: yes yes, boring meals planned.
-? have it in my journal somewhere...

maybe i'll be more peppy about the program next week...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colonics Conclusion: no more grapes

how did my colonics session go?
not a fan. beginning i was fine, thought i was a champion and that i could do it all day. then, stomach continued to be stubborn stubborn, water in water out X 3. gigi=water balloon.

Clarissa kept trying, and pressing all my "bowl" body points... yet ZILCH. apparently (TMI) i had gases stuck that we obstructing the flow. point is i felt super uncomfortable and i think i'm blaming it on the Grapes??!?! ..

Colonics basically feels like you are voluntarily feeding yourself the worst stomach cramps.... YEY! sooo i couldn't take it, forced it off and ran out the door... naaaat! (as much as i considered it). Clarissa was nice tho, and says it was somewhat successful (TMI) at least in the WC. i've been told i need to stick to it...DOS MAS! or rather have the tube stick to me... but im not sure about that.

i did have the colon fairy pay for my 3 sessions so now i have to figure out either how to bribe someone to pay me for them haha, or convince myself to g back in for further colonic cleaning. if i can handle bikini waxing, i should be able to handle this a couple more hours of my usually uninvaded life.

But i did learn a handy dandy tip: that FRUIT after a meal is a no go, basically putrifying the food in your stomach, by not giving the essential nutrients the time to digest before throwing the fruit in the mix. IF you need to have fruit, have it at least 90 min beofre or after a meal. also, GRAPES aren't worth eating, cause more damage that nutrition.

note: i decided not to post a picture with this blog. you're welcome.

Meals Workouts & Goals Weeks 2-4.5

Monday 9/5
- 9AM: water.
(10A-11:30 Yoga @ La Jolla Yoga Center by Genevieve Kim :)
- 11:30AM: OATMEAL from Come on in, my new favorite.
(1-3pm KAYAKING in mission bay + 4-5 massage)
-6:30PM: tuna salad sw + 1.5 beer.
-9pm: 4 bites of brussel sprouts (making lunch for tomorrow)

Tues 9/6
- 5:30 AM: 16 oz water and banana
(6-7 am HARD weight training)
-8:30AM cereal with bran bits and papaya.
- 11:30AM: beet, celery and mystery stuff juice. 1.5 cups (moms recipe getting ready for colonics)
- 2:30pm: zuchini, brussel sprouts and smaaall piece of pork loin
- 3:30: like 10 grapes (not good), and a bite of Jens sandwitch.
(5pm Colonics sesh 1:not a delightful one)
- 6:30: a bit of sweets/candy (colonics was a bit traumatizing, i went crrrazy), 1 quesadilla, kefir
-8pm: mint tea.

Wed 9/7
- 5:30 forced down 1/2 larabar and the water
(6AM 45 sec circuit trng X4!)
-8:15 am: oatmeal + water
- 11:45AM: Papaya 1 cup
- 2:30PM: Taboule, zuchini and pork left over (smaaalll portn)
-5:30Pm: 1/2 larabar
(6PM C2 Yoga Bootcamp)
-7:30PM Naked Cafe dinner. tofu, bean, papaya ? salad

Thurs 9/9
5:30: water + 1/2 bar?
(6 AM Scultp)
(7:15 HPF hot power fusion)
8:45AM: two eggs, salsa, + 2 pieces of ham (work 10-9pm!)
12:30: small apple
2:30PM: small piece of salmon and garbanzo beans
5:30-8 PM: handful almonds + wine
8:45: left over taboule and 1 quesadilla.

Friday 9/10
9AM Water + larabar
12PM Snack: ?
3PM Lunch: fruit
(5-11pm: as workout: party setup and coordination)
7-11PM: wine... (forgot to eat all day).
12: a very nutritious prime rib sandwitch & 2 tequilas. yum
Saturday 9/11
(7am: workout not with corepower w n)
10: water
11: oatmeal
didn't start cleanse
(1-10: pool/jacuzzi day)
day: 3 glasses of wine, chips and onion dip, delicious burger (enjoyed the day too much to feel guilty)
Sunday 9/12
10 am: water and greek yogurt w/ peaches
4pm: healthy early dinner w family ?)
tv day
powder drink X1
Monday 9/13
C2 yoga @ 2 + swimm?
4pm: 1/2 doner kebab and taboule
powder drinks X2
Tuesday 9/14
fell off the wagon/ no excersize
healthy uninspiring meal. turning BEIGE: cawliflower, chicken.
powder drinks X2
Weds 9/15
(9am C2)
beige continues: veggy soup: chicken, quinoa, garbanzo beans.
powder drinks X2
(6-9:30pm C2 w/ live lean and lecture/regroup session)
7:30: Naked cafe salad and cucumber water
8:30: 1/2 date w/ almond butter and groud almonds sprinkled on top (HEAVEN in your mouth!)
Thursday 9/16
8:15: powder drink & water
(8:45-10:15: Spinning 20 min, Latin 20 min, Treadmill 35min, sauna 10)
2pm: mushrooms w/ spinach, cawliflower and small portion of chicken.
3:30: handful blueberries
7:30: powder drink...
8:30: 1 stella beer as my dinner :)
(10-1: Salsa dancing @ Sevilla)
Friday 9/17
9: beets and celery... juice
(10-10:35 swim. light + 15 min sauna)
12:30: 1/2 banana, 4 oz. naked juice 1/3 of the remaining doner kebab.
4PM (forgot powder at home!) left over: chicken, spinach and mushrooms + quinoa salad
7pm: powder?
8:30: dinner @ bankers hill b + r, yum.... friend visiting from mexico. i'll behave tho. drinking yes, but 3-4 max all night!
(10-1: out with the UNI crew. 9 years later !!)
Saturday & Sunday
Catamaran day
Cleaning day
7-9pm: IVY martini and mule.
9-11: out w/ mary one last night.
food: crab salad, beet salad, chips, lentil salad, scallops, ceviche. veggies, cheese (a no no). eggs for bkfast, and fruit.
Monday 20:
5:30 : 1/2 larabar. and water
(6-7am: back to circuit kick butt training! the most effective ab workout ever)
8am: handful of cereal
1pm: quinoa salad
4pm: larabar
7pm: sushi (miso soup w/ 1/2 brown rice and salmon sashimi plus some other goods)
Tuesday 21:
5:30: mini apple and 1/2 banana plus water
(6-7am: SCULPT)
(7:15-8:15: Hot Power Fusion)
9am: small papaya, banana, strawebery shake w/ soy (introducing dairy) + piece of toast w/ honey
2:30pm: lentil salad, cucumbers and zuchini (thanks kama!)
4pm: handful of almonds
6pm: Georgies bridal shower goodies:
Wednesday 22:
5:30: water + bar?
(6-7: circuit training)
(6-7:15pm hot yoga class)

"elfy" tips, workout thoughts, & cleaning my colon !

Yestderday was another favorite workout day. Started out with yoga class at the La Jolla Yoga Center, walked over to Bawa's for Come on In oatmeal (the best!), rushed over for a 2 hours kayak ride with my fellow live leaners (even tried paddle boarding for a quick bit...). and then the health part of the day started deteriorating... much fun tho, i just am not sure what to do about keeping my social life yet not partaking in all the fun (drinks, smokes and junk food).

not fun to be the party pooper. but maybe im just gonna be that much more fun when im done! watch out!

Today 6am workout was mucho muy duro. too maaaach. and my lower back and arms are hurting from day before. 2nd wkout i be easier on me.

I have a few healthy tips to post:

- Corepower: I've been talking about this course, yet didnt provide any sources. I recommend you check them out @ and take a free week and let yourself get hooked. also, write me down as your free week friend (who recommended) :)

-Aqua Adventure Kayaks: its an awesome kayakaing/paddleboarding place in mission bay (off quivara). and super affordable. think i paid $26 for 2 hours.

- C Prime bracelet: my dad's into this new "balance bracelet". fashionable and also good for you.... supposed to help out with strength, endurance, flexibility, & balance. i use it as more of a placebo effect. can't hurt right? let me know if interested. we got some.

- Happy Foot Massage: $25 massage 1 hour off oc balboa ave/convoy area. ask for a guy, theyre usually better (andy and tom are good). give at least a $5 tip. (i usually do $10 if real good)

- USANA: need vitamins? i have the girl for you. she swears by the product, and shes the healthiest nut i know (in the best way possible). get in touch with her. Natalia Cherubini here's an informative video:

- Colonics w Clarissa from radiance Day Spa- this i will have to report on later. since my first appmt is @ 6pm tonight. iijj! but again, my family highly recommends her. $65 a sesh i think.

-Dr. Weng Acupunture: for soreness, stress, intuitive therapy.... the works. she wks magic. My family has been going for over 20 years. im due.

thats it for now. off to traffic. feeling exhausted. think im giving in to coffee today.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Next time, wear the padded shorts

I went for my first road-bike bike-ride yesterday (after 14 months of playing w the idea!) & i loved it. (Gracias Seth y Frances!) Everything BUT how sore my butt feels after. We biked arnd Mission Bay, MB Boardwalk, Dana hotel area... my guess like 7 miles? i am now a fan, and i learned my lesson: bring the funny padded shorts next time. pobres pompitas :(

* Turning my social time into physical activity time has been genius. still get to catch up, and undergo friendly gossip... while peddaling on wheels or "jogging" at the cove. good for the mind body & soul. luv it

After biking i rushed home and went to Harrahs Casino in Valley Ctr (somewhere NE of here) and had a great time with great people. discovered my new level of lightweightedness (1 heineken and i was SET for the NIGHT), lost $60 in less than 2 min at blackjack, and became more enamored with Ray LaMontagne (yuuummm new Sex music Tip) and David Gray than ever

before. Voices were impecable, more crisp yet sexy and raspily delicious. dessert night sky was incredibly comfy and romantic, and topped with the burger i had for dinner (gourmet) also upp'd the night! mmmmm

Sunday: oh the luxury of sleeping til 9:30 AM!!!! woke up to a family buffet (relatives from DF in town), unfortuneately i also woke up to a big and anxiety provoking box waiting for me in the living room. not quite ready to face the big delivery to say the least, and the timing couldn't have been more dangerous... meaning, i dug in deep in the buffet... in somewhat controlled portions but not Live Lean proud portions...(quesadillas de nopal, ensalada de nopal, huevos y pan dulce y cafe) but food sometimes IS the 'chicken soup for the soul,' even when devoured not 'mindully'. (?)

I will deal with the stupid box later. what a jerk. and im sure i'll deal with the food later too! haha.

now there's a nice social buffet in La Jolla with our family's closest friends... a family that always promises the most decadent of decadent eating, and i think i need to cut this tail of temptation off!...considering to forego entire outing t avoid further temptation (pretty much the name of the weekend, or my life rather!).... you'd think that i'd be able to be around an endless table of deliciousness and not exceed a few nibbles here and there, nooo, those of you who know me, know that my love for food is greated than my ability for self control. better to pretend good food has become extinct. if only alcoholic calories could substitute the nutrition ones. soo, rest in my robe for a couple more hours...followed by some afternoon surprises and some laying lowedness.

monday: yoga 10am La jolla yoga center, 1.5 mi walk with Bawa and kayaking w/ Live Leaners (yeaaaH!!!) should do the trick to even up with the weekend indulgements. topped with an afternoon massage to undo all the knots! enjoying life.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hechale Salsita Mami

yes salsa!! just came back from incredible band playing at Anthology!! after craving it for months. i think i got the bug big time this taiiime.... so if anyone wants to join, assoonas a figureout a way to stay awake long enough during this month.... LETS GO!

bad part: i had 3-4 drinks, and pretty forbindenly delicious dinner (not so bad: mussels, oysters, salad, cauliflower...). hey, but no dessert :)

*Looks like drinks may be following me all weekend... so at least i went 6 days no drinking.

hey, but its an UPGRADE as they say in class... i'm already 110% better than last week.
sort of know already im missing the 6AM workout on monday.... but ive programmed it where if i work out on sunday, i sort of stay even yeah? itll be the guilty pleasure weekend, can't help but enjoy a day off from it ALL and enjoy a bit of innocent horse race gambling while im at it.... oh dear, must be the mohito still talking.

1st week complete! ITS AN UPGRADE

Friday 11 am and i'm done with the first week, BU YEAH!
(live lean says its day 5 today, but nu huh, day 7 people!)

Result: i am feeling high on endorphins. and for the last two days i havent wanted to strangle someone for waking up at 5:20am (i am reaching auto pilot mode)

Its been quite interesting to see how my mind and my body has been changing its reaction/attitude toward the 2X a day workouts.

what we've gone thru: weekdays intense circuit training where you really find out what pushing yourself really means. wednesdays: regrouping and setting committments for the week:
1) planning meals ahead of time 2) 2 wkouts X day
(and i feel a bit guilty about making the entire class cross off no alcohol because i couldn't commit, but i think already not drinking 5 days has been tough, and labor day is coming up!)
I still have pretty bad pulsating headaches, but i guess thats detox mode

bittersweet realization: My daily routine nowadays doesn't reflect my regular indulging days pre Live Lean... no more biweekly happy hours or foody encounters, no more staying up w/ a bottle of wine to watch entourage or top chef (no time for TV at all), no energy for socializing in general.... and WORK, well thats been tough to stay focused too. Luckily, this month i started a new work schedule of 3/4 partime.... so its working out somehow.

(i also know restaurant week is right around the corner.... what to do?)

I am so grateful for everyone whose been supportive: of course the Live Lean Coaches, Amy, Brooke, my team... but outside of that: FRANCES fof cheering me on and setting up 2nd workouts with me (i look fwd to our biking trip!), MAMITA gracias por ayudarme con comer mas saludable y ayudarme a preparar todo, PAPA gracias por la motivacion y estar despierto a esas horas conmigo, BAWA, SETH, EMILY, MARIO, BRETT, CHARO, NICK, TERESA: thanks for the cheers. having you beside me along this heavy journey has been a fuel in itself!

PS: i scheduled a colonics session. iiiiij!

Meals Workouts & Goals Week one

My Personal Goals for the Week: (how i did)
1. eating something and 16.0z water at 5:20 am before wkout (gulp);
check! small fruit, larabar or powder drink + water (forgot sunday)
2. plan meals/snacks ahead of time/stay within suggested foodsish;
foodsish more like it, gave in with sushi (twice) and burger (once) but improvmt.
3. workout twice a day no exceptions (include friends). ;
DID IT! pretty cool! swim, biking, yoga, jog, circuit, salsa... un po'di tutto!
4. reduce alcohol to once a week (baby steps here) & no desserts!
almost. drank 3 friday and one beer saturday. so almost.
5. salsa once & swim over 1.5k this week.)
danced a tease and swam just 200m short of 1.5 k.!
overall satisfied with my results!! took some guts to resist drinking and eating in several ocassions. need to find some more to resist all the way. and im surprised to see i completed the workouts!

-5:30: banana + 16 oz water
-8AM: 2 eggs, 1 slice havarti cheese, 1 hotdog, 1 small tortilla
-11AM: 1/2 larabar
-1:30PM: 1/2 artichoke, 1/2 cup quinoa, small salad.
- 3:-4ishPM: 1/2 larabar
(7pm C1 yoga)
-8:30 1/2 artichoke, +?

Tuesday 8/31:
- 5:30: banana + 16 oz water
- 8:30AM: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and almond butter, watermelon water.
- 12:30PM: Vegetable soup (heavy) and 1/4 avocado
- 3pm Snack (?)
(4:30 jog, stair workout)
- 6pm: pork chop + apple sauce + zucchini + a date for dessert :(

Weds 9/1:
- 5:30: 1/2 Larabar + 16 oz water
- 8AM: 2 eggs and tomatoe with tapatio/ketchup
- 11AM: 1 10 oz Naked Juice.
- 1:30PM: 1/2 cup Quinoa in tomatoe Soup(cup) + mini broccoli
- 3:30PM: walnuts 1 bunch
(6:00PM C2 yoga)
- 7:30PM: Naked Cafe dinner: salad, black beans, veggie taco.

Thurs 9/2:
- 5:30: mini apple 1/2 larabar + 16 oz water
- 8AM: 1 cup oatmeal with blueberries and peaches 1/3
- 10:30AM: 1 toast w/ almond butter
- 1:00PM: 1 scoop multi? powder in 8 oz. + 1 sushi roll
(5PM speed walking 1.5 mi)
- 9PM: pork loin (?) + 1 cup cabbage soup. + 2 galletas marias :)

Fri 9/3:
- 5:30: 1.5 scoop of multi powder drink 8 oz. water + 10 oz.
(workout 6-7)
(swim 7:45-8:20AM)
- 10 AM: 1 8 oz naked juice + bag of sliced apples.
- 1 PM: 1 cup Quinoa w/ crema + 1/3 mini broccoli.
- 3PM: Almonds + Plum
-7PM: dinner @ anthology: oysters, mussels, salad... 3 drinks!

Sat 9/4
- 1 banana + water
(7-8:15 AM workout at The Dana Hotel)
- 10AM: waffles w/ strawberrys and banana and cream (it was fate!)
(11-2:30 BIKE RIDE)
-2:30 - Larabar
- 3:30: zuchini + brown rice w/ quinoa
-7PM: Hamburger + Heineken.

Sun 9/5
- 10AM: mexican buffet: 1 quesadilla de nopal, 1 huevo c/ pavo, ensalada de nopal, 1 concha (pan dulce), jugo de mandarina, 1/2 cafe. (feeling full for the day!)
- forgot to eat after that!
- 7PM: sushi (1/2 caterpillar, 1/2 dragon, 1/2 salmon sashimi order)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the workouts week 1

Monday 8/30:
- 5-6AM Circuit Training (1 min/12 excersizes X 3 plus yoga stretch)
- 7-8PM Corepower Yoga 1 w/ Sarah @ Mission Valley
Tuesday 8/31:
- 5-6AM Weights/Core/Cardio on Mat
- 4:50-5:35 10 min run 2 wk/15 lunches/ stair climb (convention center) X 2.5
Weds 9/1:
- 5-6AM Circuit Training

- 6-7:15PM Corepower 2 BOOTCAMP Amy O. (followed by 7:30 Naked Cafe dinner and lecture-9:15pm)
Thurday 9/2:
- 5-6AM Weights & cardio on mat
- 1.5 mile speed walk.
Friday 9/3:
5-6AM- Circuit Trng
- 7:45-8:20AM- SWIM. 1,250 m.

Saturday 9/4:
7-8:45AM Outdoor workout.
11-2pm: bike w/ Frances & Seth in Mission bay.

Sunday (rest day)
- sleep in
- mexi brunch & cleaning
- coronado shores & jacuzzi time
- sushi
- movie & massage. can't think of a better way to spend it.

First 5

So, for those who know me, u know that this spring/summer has been rough.... yet ive been able to work through it by altering my perception a bit.

main idea: receiving challenges as a test to my ability to "take it easy," and not be so tied down to what I hoped for/expected/planned/thought i deserved. more about not being reactionary (insulting or judgemental), but being mindful and trusting that somehow things will work out.... and that really, without struggles i wont grow as a person. sooo, bring it.

with this in mind, together with new found joy to therapy, work that i love (although thought was falling apart), and incredible friends and family to turn to.... i've held myself level the last couple months.....

blablabla several things to work on, but through Corepower yoga i found the LIVE LEAN program, a 33-day nutrition/bootcamp challenge, that seemed to fit the motivation and push i've been looking for.

I started this last Saturday & Sunday, August 28th & 29th, was given the breakdown over 14 hours of lectures, meditations, workshops, snack attacks (like shamu, make us work for our snacks!) and 45 min workouts/fitness tests...

and im still not sure how to document this via blog... so its not dull, and actually useful to my friends/family (intention to have others join in the process)... but basically PHASE 1 the program includes:

- a suggested meal plan for every 7 days (Quinoa is a bestseller)

- commitment to working out 6-7 am every weekday morning, plus one afternoon workout (of our choice or their suggested wkouts)

- setting personal goals

(mY pGS:
1. eating something and 16.0z water at 5:20 am before wkout (gulp);
2. plan meals/snacks ahead of time/stay within suggested foodsish;
3. workout twice a day no exceptions (include friends). ;
4. reduce alcohol to once a week (baby steps here) & no desserts!
5. salsa once & swim over 1.5k this week.)

So far so good.

body feeling:
- headaches like never before (detox mode or not enough water perhaps?)
- more stomach activity (yey)
- sleeping more, and still not enough (5-8) naps readily welcome.
- of course soreness... just means that i'll need to schedule more massages :)
- thought giving up drinking was going to be difficult, but my body doesnt even have the energy to be social (having a hard time with this).

and this was a looong A$$ blog, so i will be mindful in the future!

anyone ever done colonics? i'm considering it.... hmmmm