Monday, October 4, 2010

Looks like I'm still hooked

Just rolled back from a 5 day vaca in Mexico City.
Reason: my sister's bridal shower.

I am ecstatic i was able to reconnect with a lot of my old friends and family...
one of the other things i'm pretty stoked about is that i really felt like the Live Lean conscience was sitting on my sholder during the entire time.

Mexico can get pretty heavy and hard to keep up when it comes to going out... and i noticed it didn't quite feel right anymore.... and that a more chill / less excessive outing was a better fit. not only that, but i maintained my workouts 3 days at the building's gym... running about 3-4.5 km every day.

of course i reintroduced a bit of sweets, chilaquiles, pasta, tacos at least once during the trip.... but not fully treating it as my usual vacation mode (aka: once in a lifetime mentality when you know it ain't). feels good having passed the vacation challenge. next stop: san francisco for a foody and music extravaganza (treasure island and shakira)... and then 8 days in mexico for my sisters wedding. all bets on me? yes!

it was also cool to receive like 20 emails from lve leaners coordinating future workouts and seeing that we all got the health bug! thanks guys for keeping the momentum going. i'm back so here i come!

going to 6am bootcamp tomorrow (plus Jen Pennick's intuitive therapy sesh), 6am scultp wednesday (yeah BROOKE), Barry's bootcamp thursday (first time!), passing out friday (or swim), and hopefully saturday doing something outdoorsy.

My awesome boss gave me like 4 passes for Vertical Hold rockclimbing. anyone wanna come int he next week or so?

looks like im still hooked.

oh, and salsa probably next monday at La Jolla's Prospect Bar. vieni!

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