Friday, October 15, 2010

keeping up w workouts

Love my new live lean friends, and the positive and energetic attitude they bring!

Just as a quick: last 2 weeks' report:

Mon-Sun last week:
maintained workouts to 6/week. 1 swim, 1 run (broke record 4.3mi run), 1 hpf, cp2, and joined BARRYS BOOTCAMP.

this week 11-17: upping workouts to 9~
M: Sculpt
W: Barrys w/ Chad (loved it!) and CP2 at Mission
Th: Namasteve (i had been hiding from his class for a year! so good!)
F: Circuit 1 Mission & Circuit 2 PB
Sat: early AM biking in Solana Beach + In cahoots
Sun: 9am Steve's yoga class oceanfront (law st. park in pb) puede ser.

next week 18-24:
M: double up Barry's and CPY hopefully
T: morning yoga before my flight.
W: SAN FRANCISCO... eating and walking :) VACATION CHALLENGE # 2!!

Thank you everyone (Boni, Brooke, Christina, Amy, Carlos, Genenvieve, Frances, Seth, Mario, Kasey) for inviting me on workouts and keeping this fun!

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