Tuesday, September 28, 2010


day 32 and feeling so sore (luv it!) and a bit pre-nostalgic already. but most of all: SO PROUD OF ALL OF US LIVE LEANERS! WE ROCKED!

and here are some of the few things im taking with me:

New Discoveries
- I CAN do it! The nutrition challenge (maybe next time 100%) the TWO - 1/hr wkouts X6/week, I did it…. Not impossible. plus, it feels gooooood.
- Happy me: exercise keeps my happy and peaceful.
- Future Happy Wallet: I foresee big changes in outing expenses and activity.
- Results: lost about 6-7 pounds.
- But more than the scale (which we hate anyways) I lost 3.25 inches around my waist! And a few other inches distributed throughout! Im happy with those results.

New Applications:
- Moderation: I thought I was already practicing this… however I learned that just a taste is usually enough. &when its not, I will still enjoy it.
- Upgrade: changing cravings and routines for healthier choices. Don’t have to switch cold turkey into being a health nut bootcamper, but slowly yet surely point myself in that direction.
Examples: Coffee, Drinks, Sweets, Bread/carbs, dairy, flaming hots, salt—all a significant reduction, or none at all by day 30.
- Mindful behavior: need I say more… that’s been this entire blog!
- Social Workouts: bringing in my closests to partake in this life-changing experience!

New Resources:
- Road Bike: Alas, after buying my bike summer 2009, Live Lean motivated me to actually use it… and I love it.
- Paddle Boarding: tried it last weekend, great fun, great workout.
- Quinoa: incredible source of protein, can be treated as anything… (although i probably will take a few weeks off from it, no offence Quinoa!)
- Naked CafĂ©: good healthy choice to turn to. Even if the waiters aren’t nice.
- Live Lean Dessert: ½ date w/ almond butter and almond bits on top
- Live Leaners and Trainers. and Jen Penick intuitive therapist: they're there, either going through a similar transition or to provide mental and physical support!.
- Colonics @ Radiance Day Spa: did it twice... not sure its for me.

Future Live Lean Maintenance:
- Start going to Jen Penick next week, excited about that. …
- Social Workouts will be Key!
- Going to Live Lean calendered workouts 1-2 a week at 6 am.
- Pairing two yoga workouts
- Swim, bike, salsa, rock climbing, kayaking, spinning…
- Barry’s bootcamp, signing up next week.
- Corepower bootcamp: October 1 week. Or November 2 weeks
- Continue planning meals for work. I see that it keeps me from wandering into junkfoodville and boredom snacks.
- Moms cooking, and me: Cook more (or rather learn to cook), go out less (this one still stings a little, but honestly, after my pay cut… I can’t really afford it)
- Over the next 5 weeks I will be travelling so much… key to still maintain workouts even when in a vacation mindset…. As well as food consideration.

now off to mexico city. yey! (well, first off to extraordinary desserts w/ my two favorite coworkers to celebrate my accomplishment! haha, well share tho!:))
Thank you everyone for your support! I will be posting updates sporadically from now on...

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