Friday, September 3, 2010

1st week complete! ITS AN UPGRADE

Friday 11 am and i'm done with the first week, BU YEAH!
(live lean says its day 5 today, but nu huh, day 7 people!)

Result: i am feeling high on endorphins. and for the last two days i havent wanted to strangle someone for waking up at 5:20am (i am reaching auto pilot mode)

Its been quite interesting to see how my mind and my body has been changing its reaction/attitude toward the 2X a day workouts.

what we've gone thru: weekdays intense circuit training where you really find out what pushing yourself really means. wednesdays: regrouping and setting committments for the week:
1) planning meals ahead of time 2) 2 wkouts X day
(and i feel a bit guilty about making the entire class cross off no alcohol because i couldn't commit, but i think already not drinking 5 days has been tough, and labor day is coming up!)
I still have pretty bad pulsating headaches, but i guess thats detox mode

bittersweet realization: My daily routine nowadays doesn't reflect my regular indulging days pre Live Lean... no more biweekly happy hours or foody encounters, no more staying up w/ a bottle of wine to watch entourage or top chef (no time for TV at all), no energy for socializing in general.... and WORK, well thats been tough to stay focused too. Luckily, this month i started a new work schedule of 3/4 partime.... so its working out somehow.

(i also know restaurant week is right around the corner.... what to do?)

I am so grateful for everyone whose been supportive: of course the Live Lean Coaches, Amy, Brooke, my team... but outside of that: FRANCES fof cheering me on and setting up 2nd workouts with me (i look fwd to our biking trip!), MAMITA gracias por ayudarme con comer mas saludable y ayudarme a preparar todo, PAPA gracias por la motivacion y estar despierto a esas horas conmigo, BAWA, SETH, EMILY, MARIO, BRETT, CHARO, NICK, TERESA: thanks for the cheers. having you beside me along this heavy journey has been a fuel in itself!

PS: i scheduled a colonics session. iiiiij!


  1. Hey Gigi, soy denisse (del discovery) q padre que tengas tu blog me entere x FB, lo voy a leer, yo estoy haciendo P90X con erika(la del discovery jajaj) yo voy en dia 20 del programa. Tambien llevo un raw diet desde junio, me encanta pero si es un trabajo constante. Animo! te vas a sentir super bien.
    Saludos :)

  2. Denise! q' gusto saber de ti. y te admiro por llevar la dieta y programa por tanto tiempo! its quite the challenge. donde andas? por el east coast no? q' increible q' te sigas llevando tan bien con Erika.

  3. The hard part is over ... once you're in a "routine" and you've been detox, it is easyer to follow.
    My only comment: get on your bike!!!! (more feel good endorphin)

  4. Vivo en NY(Long Island) desde hace 7 años, tengo un nene de 5 y un esposo muy buena onda. Regrese al college x q empece de atras para adelante:P
    Vas a ver q cuando termines algo se te pega, poco a poco vas a llegar al punto que quieres llegar, fitness es disciplina constante, yo me he caido 20 veces en mi intento de convertir mi dieta y tambien he tenido que leer mucho para no cagarla. Yo me doy cuenta que hay un punto q te das cuenta q es lo q funciona para ti x ejemplo Erika y yo hicimos el programa Clean de Dr. Junger y x 21 dias hicimos detox, ella nunca seria 80% raw como yo pero durante el detox le funciono super bien.
    Suerte, keep us posted y tomate muchas siestas.

  5. Teresa I did it (bike ride) y me facino! gracias por el apoyo!

    Oye, tengo pensado ir a San fran la semana del 16-23. a ver si los paso a ver un dia !!

  6. Denise: thanks for sharing. see q' esta canijo esto pero al mismo tiempo q va tener sus REWARDS!

    siestas? sii, in the perfect world i would make each day 26 hrs long and take a 2 hr nap in between.

    me encantaria verte!!! oye y entonces, erika tambien esta en NY? very cool youre still so close. y mas q sean health buffs juntas

  7. Si estaria super vernos algun dia!! avisame si vienes o yo voy a San Diego igual te aviso.
    Erika vive en Dallas pero hablamos todo el dia, you name it: facebook, skype, msm....LOL