Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"elfy" tips, workout thoughts, & cleaning my colon !

Yestderday was another favorite workout day. Started out with yoga class at the La Jolla Yoga Center, walked over to Bawa's for Come on In oatmeal (the best!), rushed over for a 2 hours kayak ride with my fellow live leaners (even tried paddle boarding for a quick bit...). and then the health part of the day started deteriorating... much fun tho, i just am not sure what to do about keeping my social life yet not partaking in all the fun (drinks, smokes and junk food).

not fun to be the party pooper. but maybe im just gonna be that much more fun when im done! watch out!

Today 6am workout was mucho muy duro. too maaaach. and my lower back and arms are hurting from day before. 2nd wkout i be easier on me.

I have a few healthy tips to post:

- Corepower: I've been talking about this course, yet didnt provide any sources. I recommend you check them out @ http://www.corepoweryoga.com/ and take a free week and let yourself get hooked. also, write me down as your free week friend (who recommended) :)

-Aqua Adventure Kayaks: its an awesome kayakaing/paddleboarding place in mission bay (off quivara). and super affordable. think i paid $26 for 2 hours.

- C Prime bracelet: my dad's into this new "balance bracelet". fashionable and also good for you.... supposed to help out with strength, endurance, flexibility, & balance. i use it as more of a placebo effect. can't hurt right? let me know if interested. we got some.

- Happy Foot Massage: $25 massage 1 hour off oc balboa ave/convoy area. ask for a guy, theyre usually better (andy and tom are good). give at least a $5 tip. (i usually do $10 if real good)

- USANA: need vitamins? i have the girl for you. she swears by the product, and shes the healthiest nut i know (in the best way possible). get in touch with her. Natalia Cherubini natalia.cherubini@gmail.com here's an informative video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThkqsMBNUYY

- Colonics w Clarissa from radiance Day Spa- this i will have to report on later. since my first appmt is @ 6pm tonight. iijj! but again, my family highly recommends her. $65 a sesh i think.

-Dr. Weng Acupunture: for soreness, stress, intuitive therapy.... the works. she wks magic. My family has been going for over 20 years. im due.

thats it for now. off to traffic. feeling exhausted. think im giving in to coffee today.

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