Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First 5

So, for those who know me, u know that this spring/summer has been rough.... yet ive been able to work through it by altering my perception a bit.

main idea: receiving challenges as a test to my ability to "take it easy," and not be so tied down to what I hoped for/expected/planned/thought i deserved. more about not being reactionary (insulting or judgemental), but being mindful and trusting that somehow things will work out.... and that really, without struggles i wont grow as a person. sooo, bring it.

with this in mind, together with new found joy to therapy, work that i love (although thought was falling apart), and incredible friends and family to turn to.... i've held myself level the last couple months.....

blablabla several things to work on, but through Corepower yoga i found the LIVE LEAN program, a 33-day nutrition/bootcamp challenge, that seemed to fit the motivation and push i've been looking for.

I started this last Saturday & Sunday, August 28th & 29th, was given the breakdown over 14 hours of lectures, meditations, workshops, snack attacks (like shamu, make us work for our snacks!) and 45 min workouts/fitness tests...

and im still not sure how to document this via blog... so its not dull, and actually useful to my friends/family (intention to have others join in the process)... but basically PHASE 1 the program includes:

- a suggested meal plan for every 7 days (Quinoa is a bestseller)

- commitment to working out 6-7 am every weekday morning, plus one afternoon workout (of our choice or their suggested wkouts)

- setting personal goals

(mY pGS:
1. eating something and 16.0z water at 5:20 am before wkout (gulp);
2. plan meals/snacks ahead of time/stay within suggested foodsish;
3. workout twice a day no exceptions (include friends). ;
4. reduce alcohol to once a week (baby steps here) & no desserts!
5. salsa once & swim over 1.5k this week.)

So far so good.

body feeling:
- headaches like never before (detox mode or not enough water perhaps?)
- more stomach activity (yey)
- sleeping more, and still not enough (5-8) naps readily welcome.
- of course soreness... just means that i'll need to schedule more massages :)
- thought giving up drinking was going to be difficult, but my body doesnt even have the energy to be social (having a hard time with this).

and this was a looong A$$ blog, so i will be mindful in the future!

anyone ever done colonics? i'm considering it.... hmmmm


  1. Enana
    Ya hay huellas del bien que te esta haciendo, te felicito

  2. gracias papa, ya en el dia 26 y facinada. tenias razon. es bueno empujarse! luv you