Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colonics Conclusion: no more grapes

how did my colonics session go?
not a fan. beginning i was fine, thought i was a champion and that i could do it all day. then, stomach continued to be stubborn stubborn, water in water out X 3. gigi=water balloon.

Clarissa kept trying, and pressing all my "bowl" body points... yet ZILCH. apparently (TMI) i had gases stuck that we obstructing the flow. point is i felt super uncomfortable and i think i'm blaming it on the Grapes??!?! ..

Colonics basically feels like you are voluntarily feeding yourself the worst stomach cramps.... YEY! sooo i couldn't take it, forced it off and ran out the door... naaaat! (as much as i considered it). Clarissa was nice tho, and says it was somewhat successful (TMI) at least in the WC. i've been told i need to stick to it...DOS MAS! or rather have the tube stick to me... but im not sure about that.

i did have the colon fairy pay for my 3 sessions so now i have to figure out either how to bribe someone to pay me for them haha, or convince myself to g back in for further colonic cleaning. if i can handle bikini waxing, i should be able to handle this a couple more hours of my usually uninvaded life.

But i did learn a handy dandy tip: that FRUIT after a meal is a no go, basically putrifying the food in your stomach, by not giving the essential nutrients the time to digest before throwing the fruit in the mix. IF you need to have fruit, have it at least 90 min beofre or after a meal. also, GRAPES aren't worth eating, cause more damage that nutrition.

note: i decided not to post a picture with this blog. you're welcome.


  1. colonics and bikini waxing, i feel like i know you so much better now...

  2. haha blushing. gigi unplugged! isnt this what a personal/honest blog looks like? (i dont know!). next time, i'll say EARMUFFs.