Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LAST WEEK @ LiVE LEAN program *sniff sniff (day 26/33)

I've been back to the early bird trainings since monday, and since then I'm back to feeling mightily challenged. feels good to compete with mind over matter, feels good to have my body ache at its entirety, and three days after the tic-toc ab workouts (killlllller)... have my stomach still be sore. good because of the long term results.

today's circuit was particularily tough, but i guess, after each one i feel as tho that was the case... haha. the trainers and their setup are pretty spectacular!

i'm also arriving to that familiar uneasy"summer camp, only a few days left, and now i feel like this is my home and i dont want to go back" feeling.... realizing that i only have 6 days more to go. The people are so great, and the results and the push in general have been very motivating, that i want to stay here forever. (considering joining the next bootcamp, anyone interested?)

...not on all accounts however; couldn't be happier to be freee to go to Chloes for lunch and Searsucker for dinner in a couple weeks, and not feel guilty after a glass of wine!!... Gourmet Food, massages and a good Pinot (La Crema here i come!) are my second Manolos(my dog)/comfort, and thankfully the live lean lesson of moderation seems to be sticking strong so the consequences wont be as bad. and the social workouts if maintained as well will contribute to a healthier me and an ample wallet. (hint hint, social workouts means you!)

i need to reemphasize how happy working out has made me. exhausted, unable to concentrate, tense in the sholders and sore... well yeah that too sometimes, buttt.... happy go lucky most of all and peaceful too (which i didn't expect). feeling like my day was taken advantage of, like I conquered and achieved something, and along the ride i shared it with some great people. i can now understand how this lifestyle could be addicting, and why there are 6 pack people & wheat grass shotters roaming on this earth.

...not necesarilly where im headed, but the glimpse is electrifying and i am STOKED to realize this joy to keep it up... itll just take a while adjusting to my BLL (Before live lean) lifestyle and routine.

Again, thank you all for your support. this last week will be needed, since i really want to push it. I even cancelled my trip to my sister's bridal shower to finish with a bang on wednesday.... so please reduce the tempting offers.... even tho you think you may mean well. I promise, when i'm done and back from my trips, i will be back and funner than ever :) maybe even throw a party to celebrate.

lastly, check out my post before this one (whose in?) and see if you can join me on any of the workouts.

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