Sunday, September 5, 2010

Next time, wear the padded shorts

I went for my first road-bike bike-ride yesterday (after 14 months of playing w the idea!) & i loved it. (Gracias Seth y Frances!) Everything BUT how sore my butt feels after. We biked arnd Mission Bay, MB Boardwalk, Dana hotel area... my guess like 7 miles? i am now a fan, and i learned my lesson: bring the funny padded shorts next time. pobres pompitas :(

* Turning my social time into physical activity time has been genius. still get to catch up, and undergo friendly gossip... while peddaling on wheels or "jogging" at the cove. good for the mind body & soul. luv it

After biking i rushed home and went to Harrahs Casino in Valley Ctr (somewhere NE of here) and had a great time with great people. discovered my new level of lightweightedness (1 heineken and i was SET for the NIGHT), lost $60 in less than 2 min at blackjack, and became more enamored with Ray LaMontagne (yuuummm new Sex music Tip) and David Gray than ever

before. Voices were impecable, more crisp yet sexy and raspily delicious. dessert night sky was incredibly comfy and romantic, and topped with the burger i had for dinner (gourmet) also upp'd the night! mmmmm

Sunday: oh the luxury of sleeping til 9:30 AM!!!! woke up to a family buffet (relatives from DF in town), unfortuneately i also woke up to a big and anxiety provoking box waiting for me in the living room. not quite ready to face the big delivery to say the least, and the timing couldn't have been more dangerous... meaning, i dug in deep in the buffet... in somewhat controlled portions but not Live Lean proud portions...(quesadillas de nopal, ensalada de nopal, huevos y pan dulce y cafe) but food sometimes IS the 'chicken soup for the soul,' even when devoured not 'mindully'. (?)

I will deal with the stupid box later. what a jerk. and im sure i'll deal with the food later too! haha.

now there's a nice social buffet in La Jolla with our family's closest friends... a family that always promises the most decadent of decadent eating, and i think i need to cut this tail of temptation off!...considering to forego entire outing t avoid further temptation (pretty much the name of the weekend, or my life rather!).... you'd think that i'd be able to be around an endless table of deliciousness and not exceed a few nibbles here and there, nooo, those of you who know me, know that my love for food is greated than my ability for self control. better to pretend good food has become extinct. if only alcoholic calories could substitute the nutrition ones. soo, rest in my robe for a couple more hours...followed by some afternoon surprises and some laying lowedness.

monday: yoga 10am La jolla yoga center, 1.5 mi walk with Bawa and kayaking w/ Live Leaners (yeaaaH!!!) should do the trick to even up with the weekend indulgements. topped with an afternoon massage to undo all the knots! enjoying life.

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