Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meals Workouts & Goals Weeks 2-4.5

Monday 9/5
- 9AM: water.
(10A-11:30 Yoga @ La Jolla Yoga Center by Genevieve Kim :)
- 11:30AM: OATMEAL from Come on in, my new favorite.
(1-3pm KAYAKING in mission bay + 4-5 massage)
-6:30PM: tuna salad sw + 1.5 beer.
-9pm: 4 bites of brussel sprouts (making lunch for tomorrow)

Tues 9/6
- 5:30 AM: 16 oz water and banana
(6-7 am HARD weight training)
-8:30AM cereal with bran bits and papaya.
- 11:30AM: beet, celery and mystery stuff juice. 1.5 cups (moms recipe getting ready for colonics)
- 2:30pm: zuchini, brussel sprouts and smaaall piece of pork loin
- 3:30: like 10 grapes (not good), and a bite of Jens sandwitch.
(5pm Colonics sesh 1:not a delightful one)
- 6:30: a bit of sweets/candy (colonics was a bit traumatizing, i went crrrazy), 1 quesadilla, kefir
-8pm: mint tea.

Wed 9/7
- 5:30 forced down 1/2 larabar and the water
(6AM 45 sec circuit trng X4!)
-8:15 am: oatmeal + water
- 11:45AM: Papaya 1 cup
- 2:30PM: Taboule, zuchini and pork left over (smaaalll portn)
-5:30Pm: 1/2 larabar
(6PM C2 Yoga Bootcamp)
-7:30PM Naked Cafe dinner. tofu, bean, papaya ? salad

Thurs 9/9
5:30: water + 1/2 bar?
(6 AM Scultp)
(7:15 HPF hot power fusion)
8:45AM: two eggs, salsa, + 2 pieces of ham (work 10-9pm!)
12:30: small apple
2:30PM: small piece of salmon and garbanzo beans
5:30-8 PM: handful almonds + wine
8:45: left over taboule and 1 quesadilla.

Friday 9/10
9AM Water + larabar
12PM Snack: ?
3PM Lunch: fruit
(5-11pm: as workout: party setup and coordination)
7-11PM: wine... (forgot to eat all day).
12: a very nutritious prime rib sandwitch & 2 tequilas. yum
Saturday 9/11
(7am: workout not with corepower w n)
10: water
11: oatmeal
didn't start cleanse
(1-10: pool/jacuzzi day)
day: 3 glasses of wine, chips and onion dip, delicious burger (enjoyed the day too much to feel guilty)
Sunday 9/12
10 am: water and greek yogurt w/ peaches
4pm: healthy early dinner w family ?)
tv day
powder drink X1
Monday 9/13
C2 yoga @ 2 + swimm?
4pm: 1/2 doner kebab and taboule
powder drinks X2
Tuesday 9/14
fell off the wagon/ no excersize
healthy uninspiring meal. turning BEIGE: cawliflower, chicken.
powder drinks X2
Weds 9/15
(9am C2)
beige continues: veggy soup: chicken, quinoa, garbanzo beans.
powder drinks X2
(6-9:30pm C2 w/ live lean and lecture/regroup session)
7:30: Naked cafe salad and cucumber water
8:30: 1/2 date w/ almond butter and groud almonds sprinkled on top (HEAVEN in your mouth!)
Thursday 9/16
8:15: powder drink & water
(8:45-10:15: Spinning 20 min, Latin 20 min, Treadmill 35min, sauna 10)
2pm: mushrooms w/ spinach, cawliflower and small portion of chicken.
3:30: handful blueberries
7:30: powder drink...
8:30: 1 stella beer as my dinner :)
(10-1: Salsa dancing @ Sevilla)
Friday 9/17
9: beets and celery... juice
(10-10:35 swim. light + 15 min sauna)
12:30: 1/2 banana, 4 oz. naked juice 1/3 of the remaining doner kebab.
4PM (forgot powder at home!) left over: chicken, spinach and mushrooms + quinoa salad
7pm: powder?
8:30: dinner @ bankers hill b + r, yum.... friend visiting from mexico. i'll behave tho. drinking yes, but 3-4 max all night!
(10-1: out with the UNI crew. 9 years later !!)
Saturday & Sunday
Catamaran day
Cleaning day
7-9pm: IVY martini and mule.
9-11: out w/ mary one last night.
food: crab salad, beet salad, chips, lentil salad, scallops, ceviche. veggies, cheese (a no no). eggs for bkfast, and fruit.
Monday 20:
5:30 : 1/2 larabar. and water
(6-7am: back to circuit kick butt training! the most effective ab workout ever)
8am: handful of cereal
1pm: quinoa salad
4pm: larabar
7pm: sushi (miso soup w/ 1/2 brown rice and salmon sashimi plus some other goods)
Tuesday 21:
5:30: mini apple and 1/2 banana plus water
(6-7am: SCULPT)
(7:15-8:15: Hot Power Fusion)
9am: small papaya, banana, strawebery shake w/ soy (introducing dairy) + piece of toast w/ honey
2:30pm: lentil salad, cucumbers and zuchini (thanks kama!)
4pm: handful of almonds
6pm: Georgies bridal shower goodies:
Wednesday 22:
5:30: water + bar?
(6-7: circuit training)
(6-7:15pm hot yoga class)


  1. I love it Gigs looks like a really clean month of eating! So hard!!

  2. gracias Nati! si te tuviera mas cerca seriamos health motivator buddies. gracias por leer mi blog!