Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Cleanse- getting lost in translation

The week of the cleanse hasn't been as bad or extreme as i thought. am i missing something? maybe more of a hardcore attitude. but not waking up at 5am is "easssing" and the powder drink is growing on me. at the regroup i felt as if im not doing something right because so many of the live leaners are having big reactions to this week.

feelings: a bit of nauseus and empty/awkward stomach twiches/ not as active / uninspired w/ food for the first time in my life. i think i react more to the intense workouts (which i miss).

I know i can eat boring food for 33 days.... quinoa on salad, in soup, as oatmeal.... veggies with no condiments and by bye salt and cheese. but its not serving as a lesson to keep it up after. foods unhealthy compliments are too good to pass on: chlowes french bistro bread and butter, weekly very dirty martini, papitas con limon, the yearly guilty pleasure of foie gras, or just being able to add more flavor to food with a simple shake of the salt shaker.... so i know im missing the point somewhere...

getting lost in translation. healthy and all its worth not seeeming like the 100% me of the future. I have learned to "upgrade," and moderate. my body doesn't need more than 1-2 drinks when i go out, and some more than others... no drinks at all (uuu new gigi!). i don't need to eat more when unnecesary.

I went back to salsa last night after like 10 months of talking about returning. loved it. don't know why i stopped... but im back. considering late night classes as wkouts again :) (post live lean and 5am wake up calls).

Just scheduled colonics sesh #2 for this week. not so happy about that. but maybe my colon will be grateful this time. thanks everyone for pushing me to reconsider. will keep you FULLY informed.

this weeks team goals were:

- maintain 2X workouts (of the 19 days, i've only missed 2, not so bad)
- no more scales for the remainder of the program (hmmm... starting... NOW haha)
- pamper day : maybe massage? yes! happy feet here i come. and catamaran trip seems pretty pampering too.
- plan meals 2 days ahead of time: yes yes, boring meals planned.
-? have it in my journal somewhere...

maybe i'll be more peppy about the program next week...

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