Friday, September 3, 2010

Hechale Salsita Mami

yes salsa!! just came back from incredible band playing at Anthology!! after craving it for months. i think i got the bug big time this taiiime.... so if anyone wants to join, assoonas a figureout a way to stay awake long enough during this month.... LETS GO!

bad part: i had 3-4 drinks, and pretty forbindenly delicious dinner (not so bad: mussels, oysters, salad, cauliflower...). hey, but no dessert :)

*Looks like drinks may be following me all weekend... so at least i went 6 days no drinking.

hey, but its an UPGRADE as they say in class... i'm already 110% better than last week.
sort of know already im missing the 6AM workout on monday.... but ive programmed it where if i work out on sunday, i sort of stay even yeah? itll be the guilty pleasure weekend, can't help but enjoy a day off from it ALL and enjoy a bit of innocent horse race gambling while im at it.... oh dear, must be the mohito still talking.

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