Sunday, March 6, 2011

when life gives you lemons...

Can't believe its March already.... year is just skipping by!

Latest news: in search of a pick-me-up and "positivifying" distraction once again, and thru a quick coversation w a friend today I was reminded of a nutrition undertaking (gracias San!): The Master Cleanse for the next ten days, which if you don't know of this detox - it primarily involves a spicy lemonade (ingredients: lemon, cayenne pepper, syrup, and water), 6-12 cups of this delicious concoction each day, and an unfriendly 20 oz. of sea salt water to get the party started. 

The lemonade it quite yummy, especially for us spicy latino types; the salt water however... is what makes me shiver.  i've been reading up on ways to make it go down smoother -like brushing ur teeth and having mint flavor distract you from reality; or warming water making it more syruplike tasting, or adding a squeeze of lemon- i see myself trying all of the above.

I plan on maintaining a 6 wkouts/week schedule during detox... as much as i can take.

i'm actually excited to take this on... unlike last time (i only lasted 3 days... stars just weren't aligned).  Today, our lemon tree seems is plentifully fruitful, and my life in need of a quick turnaround... :)

And besides, with my busy schedule these days, coordinating a 1000+ film fest and a baja science symposium all at once... who has time to eat! 

I already have a final day 10 treat lined up: Laguna San Ignacio whale watching trip! So, WISH ME LUCK or join me in the challenge... i  know it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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