Friday, March 11, 2011


I think the key for selecting the days for the Master Cleanse is to be inspired and strategic.

Inspired - going thru some rough times? this is a good motivator.  For me, inspiration came after some tough times with a boy... and i was looking for something to test my endurance at a me-to-me level (aka distraction + feeling of accomplishment).  And here I am about 40-50 glasses of spicy lemonade later, not to mention about 9 pounds lighter, feeling super! 

Strategic - choose a period of time when you will be BUSY.  my strategy = working like a madwoman, meaning im too busy to eat anyways or cross temptations path. 

So, Day 5 complete and feeling like a champ!

And a sidenote on busy lives and challenges in general - I like to quote one of my yoga instructors, Steve Hubbard, with this one, "there hasn't been a time i've grown, that i haven't struggled"...  I think thats true.  but you don't always grow when you struggle... its rising up to the challenge that redefines you. 

I think the universe definitely throws us curve balls unexpectedly every once in a while, sometimes a multitude all at once, just to see how we handle it.  TO PERSEVERE. The test of prioritizing, staying focused, calm/cool, and facing your at times overly active, emotional, inconvenient/troublesome LIFE with a smile.  Why would you choose a life that is not maximized anyways?  Every bruise has a story... and its usually a good one.

Today was one of those days   :)